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Mindfulness Training for Businesses

A quiet revolution has been taking place in the business world. It is a shift in our understanding of what makes people excited about coming to work, and motivates them to do their best. Recent research has shown that when creativity and innovation are required, intrinsic motivators such as independence, growth and significance far outweigh conventional incentives like titles and raises. What keeps people positive, energetic and inspired is a sense of higher purpose, and when they have it, they achieve breakthroughs for themselves and their organizations.

Mindfulness training in the workplace is highly effective in counteracting the destructive effects of stress, which cost businesses billions of dollars every year. What is not as well known is that in addition to addressing hypertension, anxiety, depression, burn-out and other stress-related conditions, mindfulness actually enhances cognitive abilities, creativity, decision-making and management skills, situational understanding and empathy—the very traits associated with the intrinsic motivators that spur superior performance. In fact, recent research shows that mindfulness practice sustained for as little as eight weeks creates physical changes in the brain areas associated with these attributes.

Thus, mindfulness training provides both stress reduction, leading to better physical and mental health, and cognitive enhancement, promoting lucidity, superior judgment and emotional intelligence. This is why organizations as diverse as Google, NASA, Aetna, AOL Time Warner, Deutsche Bank and the U.S. Marine Corps have implemented mindfulness programs.

Our Approach

Mindful Skills delivers engaging, impactful, value-adding training experiences to businesses desiring to realize these benefits for themselves. While many mindfulness programs come out of academia or religious institutions, our approach is rooted in direct experience of corporate life at both rank-and-file and executive levels. Every training session includes
  • Technical content
  • Mindfulness instruction and practice
  • Focused discussion
    • Sustaining the practice
    • Mindful approaches to problem-solving
    • Creating a mindful company culture
In close consultation with the client, we can also facilitate the application of mindfulness principles to company-specific issues such as
  • Targets and objectives
  • Team building and team dynamics
  • Cooperation across hierarchies and interest groups
  • Seizing initiative and creative space in non-threatening ways
  • Etc.
Mindful Skills will work closely with your stakeholders to design a program that is relevant to your company’s goals, systems and culture. Training sessions can be as short as two hours, or as long as two-day events with scheduled followup sessions. Contact us today to begin designing a mindfulness program tailor-made for your company.
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